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Our Culture

A Year In Review: How Seaboard Triumph Foods Shaped 2016

Seaboard Triumph Foods Comes to Sioux City

A lot has happened since Seaboard and Triumph first joined forces in early 2014. Construction started in earnest the following year, and the newly formed Seaboard Triumph Foods went right to work with laying the groundwork for community involvement right along the with the cement forms for its new facility.

“This past year was an exciting one for us,” said Irving Jensen, Director of Communications, Community Relations, and Government Affairs. “We knew from the very beginning we wanted to immerse ourselves in our local communities. Northwest Iowa has very strong roots in agriculture, and even stronger ties between its neighborhoods, school systems, communities, and cities. It’s important to be a part of it, and for our communities to feel like they are a part of us.”

And “get immersed” is exactly what STF did in 2016. Starting with its lead sponsorship of the NIAI Division II girls basketball tournament in March, it continued to support organizations like Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanities “Baconfest,” and the monthly Jefferson Awards, which allow communities to recognize ordinary citizens who do extraordinary things on a local and sometimes national level. Seaboard Triumph Foods has also become a sponsor of the United Way of Siouxland, the Carrie Mach/Nylen Cancer Center, and the UnityPoint Health-St. Lukes Foundation.

Seaboard Triumph Foods did more than just grow its community base; it also expanded its employment ranks. In 2016, the following people:

  • Neil Puetz, Director of Maintenance and Engineering

  • David Cary, Director of Hog Procurement

  • Brian DeSchepper, Director of Operations

  • Brides Hayes, Director of Human Resources

  • Ricardo Romero, Information Technology Manager

  • Kirsten Wynn, Recruiting Manager

  • Andrew Schroeder, Utilities Superintendent

  • Laurie Kuchera, Executive Administrative Assistant

  • Ryan Boen, Vice President of Finance

  • Peter Beckner, Project Manager

The year ahead will see a much more intensive hiring process as the facility gears up for its first day of scheduled commercial operation on July 31, 2017.

Click here for a timeline on upcoming job openings.

“We’re venturing into the final construction stretch and the start of a whole new era for us in 2017. It’s nothing short of exciting,” adds Jensen. “We’ve got a strong start, and we continue to look forward to serving, supporting, and celebrating Siouxland in the years to come.”