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Our Culture

Your Top 5 Seaboard Triumph Foods Questions Answered

It’s an exciting year for Seaboard Triumph Foods! We sat down with Irving Jensen, Director of Communications, Community Relations, and Government Affairs at STF to talk about the new Sioux City plant, the goals for the coming year, and what people can expect as construction nears completion in the coming months.

What drew you to Sioux City initially?

Outside of the existence of shovel ready site locations, Sioux City was an ideal location for several reasons. It has a strong transportation and infrastructure. It has a long history in food processing. Market hogs are locally and regionally abundant. But more than all of these, the draw was mutual. Sioux City is a pro-business environment, and that fact is demonstrated throughout its city leaders and the Iowa Economic Development Authority. Sioux City knew what having a large employer like STF could do for its residents and the local economy, and it was clear we were welcome to explore it as an option for our new plant.

In your opinion, what makes Sioux City unique?

Like many towns of its size and age, Sioux City has a history with food processing. As it grew over time, it had aspirations of being a small town silicon valley, and it was an identity that I think worked for a while. Yet at its roots, Sioux City is an agricultural city, and pretty resilient one at that. It’s a testament to its history and a credit to its incredible workforce, which includes the hardest working people on the planet—the farmers. It’s something in which the people should take great pride—how many cities can feed the world?

What elements of this project have surprised you?

I have been refreshingly surprised by the work ethic of the people and contractors here. They are excited to be here every day, and it’s obvious they love what they do. It’s not just about hard work. Around here, hard work is implied. Every person I’ve met is highly motivated to do good work. You just don’t find this sort of passion in other industries, and it’s certainly not something you find in every community.

What are three things you want Siouxland to know about STF?

1.     We are hiring.

2.     We aim to establish a vastly different corporate culture than other companies in our industry. We strive for high engagement and an exceptional adherence to the safety and care of our employees. We know it’s easier said than done. We aim to prove it by being responsive and dedicated to employee satisfaction.

3.     Strike packing plants from your vocabulary. We’re a high-tech food processing facility with a high-def focus on a clean and bright work environment. We aim to revolutionize the pork industry, and we’re happy to start right here.

If STF had New Year's resolutions, what would be it's top three?

I’ll give you ten. Eat more bacon. Repeat as needed.

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