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Our Culture

Our Culture

Why Seaboard Triumph Foods is the Hottest Place to Work in Siouxland

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There are hundreds of employers in Siouxland, so why choose to advance your career with Seaboard Triumph Foods? Because we’re committed to providing our employees, community, and customers the absolute best and nothing less. 

Here’s why Seaboard Triumph Foods is the best place to work in Siouxland:


At Seaboard Triumph Foods, our team members come first, because without them, nothing else matters. Which is why we treat our employees like family, taking time to get to know them beyond their titles and roles. 

We encourage our employees to speak out about their needs and be open and honest with their supervisors about any problems they may be having. Everything we do is structured to create a safe, clean, empowering work environment that employees look forward to coming back to day after day. 


The Siouxland is overflowing with kind, talented people who make our community one of the best in the nation. At Seaboard Triumph Foods, we’re committed to offering first class opportunities that draw in diverse talent from across the globe—helping our community grow and prosper even more. 

We know that a connected community is a healthy one, which is why we take great pride in the quality of our products and our work environment. When you feed the world, you can change the world. That’s our mission—and we’re reaching it every day.  

Continued Education and Training

We’re passionate about being the best, and being the best means always improving. We strive to provide our employees the tools and resources necessary to consistently advance their educations and get better at their roles. We know that with constantly changing technology, education needs to keep up. Our managers and supervisors do more than just tell—they teach, making sure that everyone understands in a way that’s easiest for them. At Seaboard Triumph Foods, you’ll never stop learning. 

Advancement Opportunities 

The best hire is a knowledgeable hire—which is why we love seeing our employees advance up the Seaboard Triumph Foods ladder. We do everything we can to give our team members the education and tools needed to take next steps in their careers, and we encourage everyone to dream big and reach higher. 

Unbeatable Benefits 

A great career means great benefits—and we’ve got those covered. We offer: 

  • Full-time careers for both shifts

  • Competitive pay starting from $15.95 to $17.20 an hour

  • Exceptional health benefits including medical, dental, vision, life, and 401(k)

  • On-site paid training

  • Paid vacation 

  • Floating holidays

  • $500 take-home bonus with referral bonus program

  • Visible and flexible leadership

  • Highly automated, clean work environment

An Opportunity to Make a Difference 

We’re more than a pork plant, and our employees do more than just work—they’re changing lives and feeding families across the globe. When you work for Seaboard Triumph Foods, you have the opportunity to impact lives not just in our own community, but in communities across the world. 

No matter which team you join at Seaboard Triumph Foods—production, quality assurance, or management—you’ll be making a difference in countless lives, including your own. Come check out why Seaboard Triumph Foods is the hottest place to work in Siouxland, you’ll be glad you did.