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Shift in Perspective: 5 Benefits of Second Shift

A Shift in Perspective: 5 Benefits of Second Shift

As Seaboard Triumph Foods ramps up its hiring efforts for its new crop of second-shift job openings, we thought we’d take a minute to showcase the benefits of working on off-peak hours (in addition to Seaboard Triumph Foods' competitive pay, comprehensive insurance benefits and 401k perks).

A calmer commute

Driving to work when most commuters are either already at their desk or home for the day means less congestion and fewer minutes on the road. This translates to reduced stress, a more predictable schedule and more time for other things you enjoy.

Faster errands

Another benefit to being out and about when first shift folks are working is being able to check off your to-do list more efficiently. Grocery stores aren’t as crowded, check-out lines aren’t as long, close parking spots are open, waiting rooms aren’t as full, and customer service agents are more available to help. You’ll get more done in less time--and you’ll probably be in a better mood in the end.

Easier mornings

If you aren’t a morning person, second shift jobs may be a blessing; you’ll sleep through your least favorite part of the day. With the help of blackout curtains and silenced phone notifications, you can still get quality sleep when the rest of the world is still awake.

Thicker wallets

Enjoy a second-shift $0.20 pay differential, meaning you get paid more for working off-peak hours. In addition, these positions could also save you money on child care, especially if your partner works a first shift.

More opportunities

Working on off-peak hours can give you a shift in perspective, especially if you’re trying to juggle other life goals. Whether you are just starting out, finishing up school, seeking a second job, or wanting to get your foot in the door at a great company, second shift jobs are the perfect place to expand your paycheck, your chances at upward mobility and your career. And for those who can only work 2-3 days a week, don’t worry! Ask us about our part-time job opportunities!  

Seaboard Triumph Foods is now hiring and training for second shift production positions. First shift and part-time positions available. Explore your new career here or at apply now.