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How the New Seaboard Triumph Foods Pork Processing Plant is Changing the Pork Industry

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The doors to the new Seaboard Triumph Foods (STF) pork processing facility have been open just one month, and the plant is already making its mark for sustainability and producing quality pork. Chief Operating Officer Mark Porter said, “With input from industry experts, support from state and local government officials and the community, paired with our focus on stewardship, the plant design includes modern odor control technologies, bioenergy solutions and numerous environmentally-friendly features.”

Minimizing Odor

Seaboard Triumph Foods has invested more than $8 million in air quality equipment. Using air scrubbers, air exhaust systems, and thorough cleaning procedures that are implemented throughout each day, STF goes to great lengths to ensure exceptional air quality both inside and outside its facility.

Sustaining success

From LED light bulbs throughout the building to renewable energy solutions, the facility exemplifies the company’s commitment to caring for the environment.

Custom landscaping will surround the new facility which is designed to create a beautiful, yet functional, visual. The planned green space also provides an ample buffer for neighbors.

“Nothing goes to waste at our plant. Everything including the byproduct is used,” added Porter, referring to the use of micro-organisms to turn waste byproducts into methane gas.

Leaning into the future

Robotics, conveyers, and other state-of-the-art equipment are commonplace in some of today’s processing plants. STF takes the technology one step further by using a combination of the state-of-the-art equipment in a forward-thinking way which is unique to the industry.

“We’ve turned to robotics as a way to improve precision, increase production yield, minimize worker fatigue and increase safety,” said Porter.

Delivering quality

“We believe that quality pork starts with respect for the animal,” said Porter. “It is why we require adherence to our animal care practices by our producers, and why the work Dr. Temple Grandin was so important to our overall plant stockyard design.”

With a process that starts with responsible pig production and ends with teams of dedicated and hard-working talent, STF aims to join Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods as industry leaders in quality — from the quality of its products to the quality of life for its employees.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the new plant, our team and all the local and state partners that have helped bring this project to completion in the past two years,” Porter added. “We are excited to begin commercial operations and supply the most sought-after pork products to our diverse global consumers.”

Be part of the company that is changing the pork industry.

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