Seaboard Triumph Foods
Sioux City, Iowa

About Us

By aligning farm operations with pork processing, Seaboard Triumph Foods can ensure consistently wholesome, premium pork products for its worldwide customer base. 

What We Are

Seaboard Triumph Foods, LLC is an equal ownership joint venture between Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods, LLC. Triumph Foods is owned exclusively by pork producers and Seaboard Foods is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seaboard Corporation (NYSE MKT: “SEB”). 

By aligning farm operations with pork processing, Seaboard Triumph Foods can ensure consistently wholesome pork products for its worldwide customer base. This farm-to-plate approach begins with strong genetics and continues all the way through with superior pig nutrition, animal care, food safety protocols, advanced processing techniques, and product excellence. The care we take at every step is reflected in the quality of the food we deliver to our customers around the world.


Who We Are


Without our safety-minded workforce, our company would cease to exist. That is why we aim to hire the best and brightest minds in the industry. We value the diversity of our workforce and their innovative ideas and attitudes. By providing the best training, we assist & coach our employees to develop their skills and further our company’s success.


We conduct our business and personal affairs with the highest levels of integrity. We hold ourselves responsible and accountable for all of our words and actions. We are honest, straightforward and deal fairly with everyone. We do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


Our team is committed to achieving common goals based on open and honest communication while showing care, concern & support for every team member both professionally and personally.


Passionately focused on delivering high quality products for our customers, we commit to excellence in all we do. We encourage innovative ideas with measured risk-taking. Delivering every pound, every box, every time – we ensure our work is right the first time, with a high sense of urgency to maximize the highest value for our customers and consumers. We never stop raising the bar…


Every day, we embrace the role we have as stewards in our communities and on this earth. We aim to create a lasting legacy and develop a new generation of leaders. We are building a stronger organization for future employees and our owners of tomorrow.


What We Do

We relentlessly seek a better way to produce wholesome pork by purposefully connecting every step between our farms and family tables around the world. This is how we ensure the well-being of our animals and environment, our employees and the communities we call home.

Why We Do It

To harness the competitive advantage of our uniquely connected food system to create the most sought-after pork products for our diverse global consumers.

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